Tech Heads 2013 - Dawn of The Disruptive CIO

Posted by Octopus Group - May 15, 2014

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CIOs are complex creatures and there’s far too much assumption amongst comms agencies about how they consume information, and how they buy.

Tech Heads is our unique way of getting to grips with the technology audience and demystifying how we should communicate with and, influence this group.

It’s a year since we published Tech Heads 2012, which revealed the existence of the ‘retro’ CIO, a group who is influenced by traditional tactics like IT events and trade media, over new age channels such as social. This year, we wanted to understand if this trend still exists in the UK, but also how it is reflected globally. So, we spoke to 1,000 global IT decision makers in the UK, US, France & Germany to understand their purchasing drivers.

In the UK, we discovered CIOs are not quite as ‘retro’ as they were last year, with social and search gaining influence. A more disruptive approach is also evident amongst global CIOs, with a desire for innovation and passion from IT marketers.

But, how should you respond to this new breed of CIO?

Well, here’s Tech Heads 2013 to tell you how…

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