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CSR: World’s Thinnest Keyboard

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Case studies

Goodmans: British Audio Heritage

Bluetooth breakthrough awards recognizing innovations

Case studies

Bluetooth Sig: Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards

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Octopus Group recognised as ‘Agency of the Future’ by PRCA

Octopus Group, has been recognised by the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and its Agency of the Future initiative. The programme, designed to signpost changes in the PR industry and share best practice, has chosen five companies who are pushing the PR agency model in new directions.


Tech Heads uncovers ‘The Human CIO’ transforming technology marketing

Octopus Group's yearly study points to new breed of IT decision maker using more ambient, ongoing data gathering techniques, drawing upon multiple channels, devices and sources to inform procurement decisions

The big news today is that S Club 7 are reuniting! This calls for a day of S Club 7 tunes #reachforthestars #aintnopartylikeansclubparty
How can you meet your clients' needs when PR budgets are being squeezed? http://t.co/KitKixmP92 http://t.co/w63syzRWsN