Do you sell to the ‘Human CIO’?

The Human CIO - Tech Heads 2014

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CSR: World’s Thinnest Keyboard

a bakelite retro-style radio with the words 'Heritage Goodmans' superimposed

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Goodmans: British Audio Heritage

Bluetooth breakthrough awards recognizing innovations

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Bluetooth Sig: Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards

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Octopus Group launches disruptive 'Brand to Sales' agency model

Octopus Group launches a new operational model to help modern brands exploit the blur between PR, Marketing and Technology with a new client proposition, client engagement model and agency structure.


Tech Heads uncovers ‘The Human CIO’ transforming technology marketing

Octopus Group's yearly study points to new breed of IT decision maker using more ambient, ongoing data gathering techniques, drawing upon multiple channels, devices and sources to inform procurement decisions

RT @Think_Bigger_: .@Think_Bigger_ speaks to @WeAreOctopusGrp about how marketers should engage with the ‘Human CIO’…
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