What we think: Our Guiding Principle

Posted by Octopus Group - April 28, 2014

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Communications, content, consumption

In the past few years, the creation of sales-aligned content strategies has become the single most important activity in the world of PR, marketing and sales.

It’s a bold, yet easily justified, statement.

The emergence of new communications channels (think social media) allied with technologies that track users’ behaviour mean increasingly detailed profiles of potential customers can be compiled through the way they consume information.

This allows brands to deliver appropriate content to appropriate people at appropriate stages of the marketing process. Content therefore becomes valuable to customers rather than an interruption. But the key point is this – content-marketing strategies can now be used to qualify customers, then affect their buying intention.

So in Octopus’s opinion, the significance of content marketing in the sales process can no longer be underestimated. Sales and marketing isn’t about reaching out to people any more. It’s about listening, understanding then creating content that can lead prospects through every swirl in a sales funnel – from brand awareness, through to engagement, then to sales.

In best-case scenarios, long-term sales-aligned content strategies that create happy customers lead to brand evangelists.

Content consumption, facilitated by new communication channels and tracking technologies, has changed the buying cycle forever. This knowledge has helped Octopus become the content-marketing agency that makes brands famous and drives sales.

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