B2Buyology: The Science of Sales

Posted by Octopus Group - May 14, 2014

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We love a bit of science.

Alright, we may be the kids at the back of the class, scratching our heads at the periodic table, but we do love a bit of research. And we do make a habit of talking to B2B decision makets about buying trends. We call this B2Buyology.

A recent study undertaken by our research brand, Loudhouse, has uncovered some key learnings about buying trends in the IT sector. There are changes afoot and some reminders of old habits that are worth bringing to the attention of any marketing strategy.

The key themes from the data are:

  • The need to market to prospects more effectively
  • The marketing challenge of buying by committee
  • Talk business needs, not tech (again!)

There are some great stats in this e-book. Try and remember the big numbers before your next planning meeting. They might save you some money. They might even make you some?