Who we are: A Brand to Sales Story

Posted by Octopus Group - April 28, 2014

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UPDATED: September 2014

Octopus Group is a content marketing agency that grows sales for tech brands.

We founded Octopus in 2001 as a rebellious band of PR pioneers with a zeal for technology and an awareness our communications world was set to transform forever. We’ve been primed from the start to evolve and innovate.

But our heritage as mainstream-media storytellers flows through a company now made up of marketing specialists, designers, coders, social strategists, content masters, researchers and data boffins.

It’s how we take our clients’ audiences on content-driven journeys – from brand awareness to sales conversion.

We are the brand to sales agency.

Creating engaging, targeted content has always been the Octopus proposition. But we can measure the effect our work has on buying intention like never before. It means we can create sales-aligned content strategies that turn prospects into leads and leads into customers.

That’s why we consider ourselves both communications and sales experts for brands – strategic partners tasked with helping them grow.

Funnily enough, we have come to realise our analytical approach has made us MORE creative. Think of it as a kind of marketing alchemy – combining the art of brand with the science of sales.

Our relationships with journalists and influencers (yes, even those that still work with print and paper) are key to the process. After all, that’s where our story began.

Our values are another constant. We are proud of our long-term relationships with clients, which include tech blue-chips, silicon roundabout start-ups and some of the world’s leading brands feeling their way in the tech world.

That’s the Octopus story so far. How we became so successful at making brands famous and driving sales.

Hold the press…

Octopus Group, the brand to sales agency, has been recognised by the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and its Agency of the Future initiative.   The programme, designed to signpost changes in the PR industry and share best practice, has chosen five companies who are pushing the PR agency model in new directions.

See the PRCA video on Octopus Group and Brand to Sales below. 

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