Tech Heads 2014 - The Human CIO

Posted by Octopus Group - June 11, 2014

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This year, Tech Heads digs deeper into the purchasing habits and behaviours of the CIOs in the UK. We have teamed up with content marketing goliaths Hubspot and our partner Brightfire to bring a new dimension to the study.

With today’s work anywhere, anytime culture, 2014 sees the emergence of the Human CIO – an ambient, social, fluid information gatherer – assimilating content at all times, whether at work, in the office or even in bed!

Over three quarters (76%) of CIOs have a good idea of the products and services they will purchase before formalising any IT tenders and 69% are using social media to inform procurement decisions.

Even twitter, which ranks lowest in terms of influence, is still rated as important by 44% of CIOs, implying that executives are drawing information from over twenty different online and offline channels.

However, IT decision makers also admitted to needing more of a personal touch, with 76% wanting personal engagement from brands rather than being treated as a sales opportunity. These trends are clearly important for marketers everywhere – to find out more, download our ebook.


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