worldpay the mobile opportunity

WorldPay: Global Online Shopper

As one of the world’s largest payment processing companies, WorldPay knows a thing or two about the spending habits of consumers. They wanted to bring this insight to current and potential customers. The Global Online Shopper report was the most comprehensive look at online consumer shopper behaviour to date.


We wanted to create one golden nugget of information, a single compelling piece of insight, which would engage delegates, customers, prospects, media and influencers. That’d then feed multiple opportunities to engage audiences through a PR launch, eDM, speaker slots and sales collateral.


  • Exceeded lead generation target by a whopping 600%
  • Produced over 600 leads with global retailers, with enormous revenue potential
  • Delivered at least 20x ROI on the initial investment


Market research, planning & integration, audience building, content creation, demand generation

worldpay the mobile opportunity worldpay the mobile opportunity worldpay the mobile opportunity