SAP: Think Bigger

SAP has long been perceived as a company that only does business with large enterprises, but in reality, over 50% of its customer base are SMEs. So with a myth-busting brief, our job was to raise awareness of the brand, position the company at the heart of the SME debate, and generate demand.


So we turned SAP into a publisher and host of one of the leading communities for SMEs in the UK, based around our campaign mantra of Think Bigger. Packed full of juicy content from experts, commentators, journalists as well as original research and data, it is now one of the most visited SME sites in the UK.


  • Over 285,000+ page views from 180,000+ unique visitors since launch
  • Most read blog has over 30,000 reads
  • Attracted contributions from leading SME influencers including respected journalists, entrepreneurs, independent specialists and SME success stories


Planning & integration, audience building, content creation, demand generation