Goodmans: British Audio Heritage

Goodmans has a long heritage in entertainment technology but is now embarking on a complete transformation of its product lines, with a renewed focus on design and usability. The first product in this range was the Heritage radio – we were tasked with both driving consumer appetite for the product as well as retailer interest in selling it.


We had a three pronged plan of attack. Firstly, we researched and qualified a bespoke list of trade buyers and hit them with a DM campaign, driving them to a bespoke web page. We then targeted top tier lifestyle media and highly competitive shopping page placements. Finally, bloggers loved our ‘My Kitchen Playlist’ campaign and posted their own personal interpretations featuring the new radio.


  • Coverage: Stylist, Marie Claire, Observer Magazine, Express with OTS of 18 million
  • 17% interaction rate on the campaign web page in response to the DM
  • Increased retail listings including Sainsbury’s


Planning & integration, audience building, influencer engagement, demand generation, content creation

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