Tech Heads 2012 - Introducing The Retro CIO

Posted by Octopus Group - May 15, 2014

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CIOs are complex creatures. Understanding their behaviours and preferences can be a difficult challenge, but a worthwhile one. They face a huge amount of pressure to do more with less, align IT to the business and make technology a competitive advantage, rather than just another function in the company.

Added to this, CIOs are being bombarded with marketing messages left right and centre in today’s world of information overload. They are being attacked from every angle by recommendations tobuy a product or stay ahead of trends like cloud and big data, as well as invitations to attend trade shows,seminars and networking events.

With so many priorities and so much to take in, as well as the day-to-day running of the IT department and reporting to the board, we decided to find out exactly how, when and in what form CIOs find, consume and digest the information that informs and influences their purchasing decisions.

As a technology specialist agency, Octopus Group understands how complex and multi-faceted this environment is and wanted to demystify how our clients – the marketing, PR and comms directors of leading technology businesses – should be communicating with their clients: the CIOs of major organisations across the UK.

So, we embarked on Tech Heads…

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