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IT buying decisions made by a variety of stakeholders with different interests

What B2B Marketers Overlook About IT Buyers

When IT buying decisions are made, who is doing the deciding? Who’s in the room? 57% of the decisions are made by committees of IT and non-IT professionals. Despite that group dynamic, business-wide needs are often overlooked by tech marketers.

The trend came to light in B2Buyology, a study on buying trends in the IT sector, which also revealed that 61% of buyers are frustrated by the lack of understanding around business needs in marketing campaigns. Let’s look at how B2B marketers can start to flip that stat. Read More

Posted by Mark Debenham - February 26th, 2015

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36% of CIOs research IT products and services in bed

Content Marketing Helps You Get Into Bed With The CIO

Do you want to get into bed with the CIO? Well, 36% of CIOs research IT products and services in bed, making it one of the most popular research locations, so ‘yes’, you do.

The stat is one of a host of findings we learnt in Tech Heads, a research project about the way IT decision makers find and consume the information that informs their buying – let’s look at some of the ways B2B content marketers can engage the CIO before they drift off to the land of nod. Read More

Posted by Mark Debenham - February 24th, 2015

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Email Wizardry: 6 tips to make the CIO click

Well done. Your company has just finished working on its latest tech product and you want to tell the whole world about it. Well, not the whole world (your baby niece and pet cat won’t care), just the ones that’ll be interested in it…the IT decision makers, the CIOs. So you send an email aboutRead More

Posted by Mark Debenham - February 17th, 2015

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